How I Found Islam:A Quest For Divine Truth

A story of the journey of  quest4divinetruth to Islam.

Since she was 4 years old, she has already searching for the truth,while living in a family that don’t really practice christianity.

As a child she believed that Jesus & God is not the same.

Trained to be a christian but she never understood it. Felt it never makes sense to her became very lost.

Her teenage years spent studying astrology that couldnever bring her peace & lead her to became agnostic. Had many problems as a teenager.

Later she joined the radical christian sect was shock at the nonsense & really freaked her out.

She kept asking “God who are You?” but had no way of how to know Him.

Ended up spending some time studying in India, studying hinduism etc, but then still feeling empty & found no peace when God felt so far away within.

Back to the US, shifting into sikhism, found that it doesn’t honor any of the prophets that came from Abraham.

Became very lost, decided to go to the bible study, for she thought that was the only way to get to God.

With 9-11 & bad experience with the muslims, she never considered Islam which is the bottom of her lists.

Had a terrible tragedy & look for the church & bible for answers. Yet not only it didn’t give the answer, but it also misguided her.

Again became extremely lost. Tried to go back to chatolic church but it didn’t work out.

Within herself, started talking to God, begging Him to show her the way.

She started getting her answers through a dream*where she learned the name Muhammad.

She then started to read about Islam, got herself an English copy of Quran & became so amaze with Islam.

Yet, she ending up meeting a bad muslim that destroyed her life & made her life a living hell, & lied to her about Islam.

Yet, she kept trying to learn Islam & asking what is the truth.

She kept getting dreams & every time she tried to go back to christianity, she had another dreams.

Confused she became very depressed. Couldn’t make her decision between cristianity & Islam.

Had post traumatic stress disorder. Wasn’t able to sleep at night. Had nightmares. Woke up screaming. Felt it’s either she commit suicide or she find the truth for she couldn’t take it anymore.

Yet she knew that committing suicide would bring her to hell anyway.

She went out & cried out to Allah & said, “You are the Creator of the universe, You made me & You know the truth. Please tell me what is the truth.”

The next day, she had a dream that lead her to Islam;

She woke up in the middle of the night & was very afraid. She knew that she had to do something, so she went to the living room & said “Lailahaillallah” (There is no God but Allah) & she was prostrated like a muslim. She ran outside & there was a muslim woman with a hijab. She embraced & kissed her & then she dissapeared.

The next day she spoke to her friend Noora, telling she was depress & lost. Noora said, “You need to be muslim.”

She said, “No I can’t. I’m not ready. I’m confuse. I’m on the fence. I don’t know Prophet Muhammad or Jesus. I don’t know who’s the right one.”Noora said, “You have to be muslim. You have toget out of this darkness,”  & she didn’t believe Noora.

She said “Okay, well, listen to Al-Kursi, just try.”

The next day while she was listening to Al-Kursi, Noora called, & they ended up talking for a long time.

That was the night she took her syahadah.

“Although truth seems is hard to find, it’s really quite simple.

If you want it enough, if you get to that point where you say “O Creator, guide me,” you will find Him, insyaAllah. 

I was a very sick & lost person in my mind. I was depress & I couldn’t eat or sleep or take care of myself, but alhamdulillah (all the praiseis for Allah) I see the light & I say there is no other God but Allah & that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. Peace & blessing upon him.”

*listen to the video for the dream & the full version of the story.

-akan diterjemah ke BM bila admin berkesempatan insyaAllah.

~Terjemahan ayat Kursi/Al-Quran 2: 225~

“Allah tiada Tuhan melainkan Dia Yang Hidup kekal lagi terus menerus mengurus makhluk Nya,tidak mengantuk dan tidak tidur.Kepunyaan Nya apa yang ada di langit dan di bumi. Siapakah yang dapat memberisyafaat di sisi Allah tanpa izin Nya?Allah mengetahui apa-apa yang di hadapan mereka dan di belakang mereka, dan mereka tidak mengetahui apa-apa dari ilmu Allah melainkan apa yang dikendaki Nya. Kursi Allah meliputi langit dan bumi. Dan Allah tidak merasa berat memelihara keduanya, dan Allah Maha Tinggi lagi Maha Besar.”
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